Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

TechWise is a diversity, equity and inclusion program offered by TalentSprint and supported by Google.

It is an 18-month virtual program offering technical training, 100% financial assistance and 1:1 Googler mentorship to students from select community and undergraduate colleges across the USA. It aims to empower students to become world-class entry-level software engineers by the time they graduate college and complete the virtual program.

The program offers a 3X advantage that will help you succeed in this program

  • TalentSprint: Dedicated faculty and mentors will help you build the required technical skills

  • Google: Dedicated 1:1 mentoring from Google will help you evolve as a professional

  • Your College: College SPOC will support you through the program

Google is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. The technology leader recognizes the importance of building inclusive technology cultures that foster engagement, collaboration, and a sense of belonging, and hence Google is supporting TechWise

TechWise will be delivered by top-notch faculty and industry practitioners. The program will enable participants with

  • Industry-ready software engineering expertise which top tech companies need today.

  • Financial independence with a handsome stipend of 5000 USD to help them focus on their learning.

  • Access to top tech entry level career opportunities with Google and leading tech companies upon graduation and successful completion of the TechWise program.

  • TechWise aims to identify and empower students from underrepresented groups who are passionate about building their career in the tech industry.

  • The program will help you become a world-class software engineer through master-class sessions from experts, hackathons, projects, coding bootcamps, assessments and more.

  • Your program fee will be fully-funded with 100% scholarship and an additional stipend of $5000 as financial assistance to support your educational goals and basic expenses.

  • After graduating from the program you will have the opportunity to access entry level software engineering jobs, internships and apprenticeships with Google and other leading tech companies.

With full scholarship assistance, TechWise seeks to support the education and learning aspirations of enterprising, aspiring and deserving students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds or underrepresented communities.

TechWise is an 18-month virtual program where:

  • You earn a stipend of $5000 while you also learn and get a credential in addition to what you are pursuing in a community college or an undergraduate college.

  • You will learn from dedicated faculty and mentors who will help you get equipped with required technical skills, build confidence in your abilities and make you industry-ready.

  • You will be encouraged to think differently, build a strong portfolio of projects through hackathons and coding challenges.

  • You will begin building important personal networks and friendships with a diverse group of students who share their passion for technology and computer science.

  • You will get an insider’s view on trending career opportunities in the tech world.

Selection Process

This program is for you if you are

  • Love the idea of a great tech career

  • Familiar with or keen on programming

  • Committed to investing time and effort

  • Currently studying in one of the participating 4-year undergraduate or 2-year community college

You can visit this link and apply for the program. Just fill the details in the application form (it will take 5 minutes) and submit. Applicants who fulfil the criteria will be invited for the Assessment tests.

Applications closed.

The enrollment process for the TechWise program involves the following steps:

  1. Online Application (With your details and statement of purpose)

  2. Online Assessment (On Problem-solving, Logical Reasoning, Language Skills)

  3. Coding Assessment (Short training on coding followed by an assessment)

  4. Interview (1:1 personal interview for final selection and enrollment)

The selection criteria for the TechWise program involves the following stages:

  • Stage 1: You need to submit an Online Application with your details and Statement of Purpose.

  • Stage 2: Eligible applicants must attend an Online Assessment that will test your problem-solving, logical reasoning and language skills.

  • Stage 3: Eligible applicants will be invited for optional training on coding that will be followed by a coding assessment.

  • Stage 4: Based on the merit list prepared after the online assessment and coding assessment, shortlisted candidates will be invited for a 1:1 Interview.

  • Post interview, the selected students must confirm their enrollment within 3 days of selection.

A total of 120 students will be selected for this program from across all participating colleges.

Eligible applicants will get access to TalentSprint’s digital learning platform where the online and coding assessments will be conducted.

Eligible applicants can take all assessments on TalentSprint’s digital learning platform from the comfort of their home. Applicants must have a Computer / Laptop with a camera, mic, 2 MBPS internet connection, and the necessary power backup to participate in the proctored online assessments.

A participant comfortable with any programming language can apply for the TechWise program. However, the applicants would require the following skills to ace the selection process:

  • Analytical and logical reasoning, problem-solving skills

  • English language skills

  • Programming skills (After 2 weeks of self-learning and assisted learning with our faculty).

Once you have successfully cleared all the stages of the selection process, you will receive the final selection status on your registered email address.

Getting selected for this program indicates that you will be among those 120 students in the US who will experience an opportunity to learn and write your destiny in the tech world. Once you are informed about your Final Selection, you need to enrol within 3 days with the required documents and confirm your enrollment for the program. In case you do not act /enrol on time, your seat may be released to other applicants.

No. You will be given only one opportunity to appear in the assessments for the TechWise program

Program Fee

You will have to invest your commitment and time in this program.

  • Your fee will be fully-funded with 100% Scholarship.

  • You will also receive a stipend of $5000 to help you take care of your basic expenses, so you can focus on your learning.

Program Content

Course When Weeks Hours Focus
Course 1 Mar-May 2022 12 120 Computational Thinking; Good Programming Practice; Python
Project 1 Jul-Aug 2022 4-5 60 Git; Teamwork; Simple CLI Applications
Course 2 Sep-Nov 2022 12 120 Web Basics; JS; CSS; DOM; DBMS Basics; DSA Basics; Analysis of Performance
Project 2 Jan-Mar 2023 4-5 60 Building a Medium Sized Project
Course 3 Mar-May 2023 12 120 Issues of Scale; Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
Project 3 (Capstone) Jul-Sep 2023 8-10 120 Building a Large Scale Multi-user Application
Total 600

NOTE: The actual coverage and dates may change to accommodate external situations, for example, pandemic-related situations. The schedule of the sessions will be based on the academic calendars of the colleges involved.

All enrolled candidates of the program will be provided the required content on the digital learning platform by TalentSprint.

TechWise spans across 18-months, covering 3 courses along with course-level projects.

Classes scheduled to start on March 14, 2022

The program will have 120 selected students from participating colleges across the US for the upcoming 2022 batch.

Program Outcomes

You will receive the TechWise Certificate upon successful completion of the program.

TechWise does not provide any internships. Successful students will have the opportunity to apply for internships, apprenticeships and jobs at high-end product companies, including Google.


Please write to with your questions.