• TechWise is not just creating more software engineers but a more equitable and inclusive tech industry. By bringing technology to underserved communities, TechWise is not only bridging the digital divide but also promoting racial and gender equity and empowering leaders to practice inclusivity nationwide.
    Shiv Venkataraman VP / GM, Google
  • At TechWise, our pedagogy rests upon three pillars: learning to learn, learning by doing, and learning without fear of failure. We foster lifelong learning, encourage hands-on experiences, and create a safe space for students to embrace mistakes as stepping stones to success.
    Dr. Santanu Paul MD and CEO, TalentSprint

What is TechWise?

TechWise is a diversity, equity, and inclusion program offered by TalentSprint and supported by Google. This 18-month program identifies and empowers capable students from underrepresented groups in select colleges to get ready for high-growth tech careers.

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What is unique about TechWise?

  • Part of an elite peer group
    Be among only 120 students in the US
  • Industry-ready skill sets
    Build technical expertise, soft skills, and the tools necessary for the corporate world
  • Premium tech careers
    Get access to jobs, internships, and apprenticeships with Google and other leading companies

What will it cost me?

It costs you only your commitment and time

  • Your fee will be fully-funded
    With 100% tuition scholarship, it is free for you
  • You get a scholarship too
    Receive a rewarding scholarship of $5000 that helps you take care of your basic expenses, so that you can focus on your learning

What help will I get to succeed?

This 3X advantage will help you succeed

  • TalentSprint
    Dedicated faculty and mentors will help you build the required technical skills
  • Google
    Dedicated mentoring from Google will help you evolve as a professional
  • Your College
    College personnel will support you through the program

Colleges participating in TechWise Cohort 2

2-year Community Colleges

  • Community College of
    Allegheny County
  • Des Moines Area Community College, Iowa
  • Carl Sandburg Community College, Illinois
  • Manchester Community College, New Hampshire

4-year Undergraduate Colleges

  • Benedict College,
    South Carolina
  • Mercy College,
  • University of Nevada,
  • Jackson State University, Mississippi

Am I eligible for TechWise?

This program is for you if the following statements describe you

  • Currently studying in one of the participating colleges
  • Pursuing/intent to pursue Tech major/minor
  • Graduating in 2025/26 from 4-year undergraduate college
    Graduating in 2024 from 2-year community college
  • Love the idea of a great tech career
  • Familiar with or keen on programming
  • Committed to investing time and effort

How do I enroll for TechWise Cohort 2?

It’s a simple 4-step process



By Feb 10, 2023

With your details,
Statement of purpose

online-coding-assessment arrow-first

Online Aptitude

By Feb 17, 2023

Logical Reasoning

interview-icon arrow-first

Online Coding

By Feb 21, 2023

Coding Workshops followed by an assessment



By Feb 24, 2023

1:1 Personal Interviews

In case of any queries, please write to us at techwise@talentsprint.com

How do I know TechWise works?

TechWise draws inspiration from its hugely successful sister program, Women Engineers (WE), offered by TalentSprint, supported by Google.

TalentSprint, a global Edtech innovator, partners with top academic institutions and global corporations to create and deliver world-class programs, certifications, and outcomes.

Over the past 3 years, the WE program has trained over 740+ students across India from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. The program alumni are making it big in the global tech industry. For more information, visit https://we.talentsprint.com/

*Over market median

Frequently Asked Questions

TechWise is a diversity, equity, and inclusion program offered by TalentSprint and supported by Google.
It is an 18-month virtual program offering technical training, 100% financial assistance, and Googler mentorship to students from the select community and undergraduate colleges across the USA. It aims to empower students to become world-class entry-level software engineers by the time they graduate college and complete the virtual program.

The program offers a 3X advantage that will help you succeed in this program

  • TalentSprint: Dedicated faculty and mentors will help you build the required technical skills
  • Google: Dedicated mentoring from Google will help you evolve as a professional
  • Your College: College personnel will support you through the program

Google is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. The technology leader recognizes the importance of building inclusive technology cultures that foster engagement, collaboration, and a sense of belonging, and hence Google is supporting TechWise

TechWise will be delivered by top-notch faculty and industry practitioners. The program will enable participants with

  • Industry-ready software engineering expertise which top tech companies need today.

  • Financial independence with a rewarding scholarship of $5000 to help them focus on their learning.

  • Access to entry-level tech career opportunities with Google and leading tech companies upon successful completion of the TechWise program.